This is one of the most popular anti snake repellents on the market today. It comes in liquid form and comes in a spray bottle for application, or can be placed on the ground, grass, plants, etc. It is not toxic, so it won’t affect animals or humans. I have read that it may work better in certain climates than others, but it has excellent reviews all around the web.

Snake Away is a clear dry granular formula that is very easy to apply, even lightly spraying around tents, cabins, campsites, trailers, and garages, also. The product consists of a synthetic rubber base and contains a combination of safe and effective natural ingredients. How Snake Away works The snake snaps its tongue out and grabs the scent of moist vapor emitting nerve endings (Naphthalene) found in the area it is inserted. The odor producing nerve endings transfer the scent to your skin. Once the snake gets the signal, it stops moving and begins to decompose.

It is easy for homeowners to use as there are no poisons or harmful chemicals to worry about. Plus, the product itself will break down over time as the snakes decompose, thus protecting your plants and lawns from exposure to their dead bodies. You can also apply Snake Away directly to the snakes without them having to make a choice, this is a great way to control the snakes that invade your back yard. The majority of snake problems end with the snakes running off into the desert or woodlands. For these types of cases snake repellers are quite effective.

When looking for an effective way to repel and/or get rid of snakes you may want to look at some of the snake repelling products available on the market. All of the snake repellers come with granules of natural Peppermint oil, which is safe to inhale. This oil when sprayed on the ground will discourage the snakes from approaching your home or business. The oil also contains the same powerful toxins found in hot peppers and hot sauces. These toxins have been found to be very effective when used against venomous snakes and other dangerous insects.

There are many different kinds of products on the market to help you get rid of snakes. Some people prefer to use dry granular mix while others prefer to spray the mixture on their ground and walk around with the snakes in hand. The dry granular mix is extremely effective as it consists of a very large number of chemicals. This makes it an excellent product to use at bait camps, snake guides and on other outdoors activities. You can also use the dry granular mixture in between the cracks in your walls and around homes to discourage the snakes from entering inside.

If you do choose to use this type of repellent around your home, there are a few things that you need to remember. First, make sure that you are never at your tent or cabin without your snake-a-way. This goes for all of your pets, even if they are not poisonous reptiles. Also, keep your pet’s food and water locations away from the repellent so that they do not ingest any of the chemicals. Finally, if you plan on using the snake-a-way indoors, then you should take special precautions with your foods and water to ensure that no poisonous fluids will reach your family.

Our third option is a patented snake repellent called Nupuri. This product has been proven to work the longest during the coldest months of the year. It works by attracting the mosquitoes and red-winged blackbirds to your garden area and has been proven to work effectively on all three of the listed species. It was also proven to be the most effective between April and June, and the least effective during the summer months.

While we have done a quick cost comparison, please remember that all of these products are designed to keep your snake’s active and healthy through the fall and winter. Because they have just been introduced to the United States, there is no way of knowing how their full lifespan will be until after you purchase them. Also keep in mind that these products generally have only two ingredients: Masticating oil and an Organically Certified Venapro extract. That is it. There is no other active ingredients, powders, shampoos or sprays. All three of our preferred snake repellent products contain at least one organically certified component, so that we can help stop insects from getting inside your house.

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